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Lots of Money.
Let's Fix that Together.

Get a proven process for optimizing your WordPress site's performance for better search rankings, higher traffic volumes, and boat loads of revenue.

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Hi, My Name Is
Mike Andreasen

I'm a WordPress Optimization Expert best known for helping my clients achieve blazing fast page load speeds, while recovering tons of previously lost revenue through backend and frontend optimizations.

Over the years, I've helped countless bloggers, affiliate marketers, and eCommerce store owners recover anywhere from $100,000 – $1,000,000+ in revenue by optimizing their site's best performance at scale.

Clients Usually Come To
Me Because They're:

Slow and Crashing

  • Seeing high bounce rates from a WordPress/WooCommerce site crashing constantly with 502, 503 or 504 errors – especially with sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Watching their site performance tank from a bloated database bubbling up with all sorts of issues.
  • Struggling to maximize revenue from their Google AdSense or affiliate earnings because their site takes forever to load and crashes all the time (especially from huge traffic spikes).
  • Flushing $100,000 – $1,000,000+ in revenue down the toilet as potential customers leave your site due to slow loading pages & high server response timer.

Google Concerns and Scores

  • Poor conversion rates because key performance metrics aren't optimized like LCP and TTFB
  • Failing to reach the holy 90+ good zone on Google's “seemingly-impossible-to-satisfy” PageSpeed test.
  • In danger of falling down a few spots in the Google rankings and losing 100,000 – 1,000,000 unique visitors every single year.
  • Trying to protect their precious SEO rankings they've worked so hard to achieve from being whisked away.
  • We do PCI Compliance for their WordPress or WooCommerce site and load testing too!

I澳洲幸运5历史开奖记录查询-官网结果号码查询-168澳洲5历史开奖记录官方网 expertise to fix your site…so you can get back to generating revenue and living your life without constant stress, headaches, and worry.

Here's A Few Ways I Can Help Maximize
Your WordPress Site's Performance

Performance Case Studies

Discover the exact process I take for helping clients quickly resolve all their WordPress performance issues.

Emergency Services

Got a WordPress site that's tanking and needs help ASAP? Click below to get us involved right away!

Schedule A Project

Need a faster site or store, custom server setup, security, consultation or migrate to a better host? Get in touch!

Verified Expertise and Experience

New Relic Certified Full Stack Practitioner

Complete visibility into details of user journeys, resource-guzzling background processes and hidden bottlenecks.

Top 2% Certified WordPress Expert

Talented and experienced developers who communicate well solve complicated WordPress challenges.

We Go Way Beyond
Band-Aid Fixes

Unless, of course, we need to triage a solution FAST for an emergency.

In which case, I'll have to stop all the blood from gushing out first and make sure your site doesn't die by jolting it back to life fast.


I'll take the time to diagnose your site's problems down to the core and make permanent fixes that'll improve your site's speed, performance, and conversion rates for the long term…

My goal is always to solve your problem so completely that you'll never need to look for a developer ever again.

Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Slow, Crashing & Dying Site…

Some people think performance optimization is expensive.

But the reality is your WordPress site is the most important asset to your business.

I don't think anyone would argue otherwise.

It's precisely why I don't settle on just doing front-end optimization.

That'd be like trying to fix a slow, broken-down car with a paint job. (Insane!)

Instead, I prefer taking on a more thorough approach so your site is set for good to generate positive ROI for years and years to come.

Here's How I've Helped Clients
Generate Tons Of Revenue With
Better Website Performance

Christian's site just needed 1 second to load.
But he wanted it to be even faster.

So we got his site loading under 500 ms!

Despite his premium hosting, Kurt's hugely popular site was
constantly crashing. It was like a never-ending migraine…the worst
version of Groundhog Day you could imagine, as an entrepreneur.

But after a series of optimizations, his site was more than
capable of muscling 26,000+ concurrent visitors!

Because of a slow WooCommerce back-end, Steve was missing
payments and ending up with canceled orders daily.
(Too many red and yellow circles.)

But with some optimization, we got him and his team all
processing orders on time and raking in all the sales!
(With blue circles across the board!)

What Clients Say After Working With Me

“In just a few hours, Mike got our site from loading in 15 seconds and timing out…to now loading in a little over a second! Outstanding in every way you want to consider.”

Vas G.

“I don't use the term genius lightly…but Mike helped us identify countless areas for improving our website's overall speed and performance.”

Blake B.

“Mike's our go-to person when the need is there, no matter how tough it is.
You ask and he delivers.
Fast and very communicative. I highly recommend him”

Nicole D.

Ready To Rev Up Your
Site's Performance?

If you're serious about fixing your site's underlying issues so
you can grow your business, then all you have to do is click
the button at the bottom of this page to get started.

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