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DIY projects

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Angela Davis

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Apartment Therapy

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The amazing company culture!

Julia is an SEO analyst with a background in content creation. Her stellar writing skills help her create compelling copy that both search engines and humans love. When she’s not working, you can find her cooking, crafting, or walking her cat Bagheera around on a leash.

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SEO Best Practices: What they are and how to get started

Posted by Julia O'Donnell & filed under Client Education.

Pay per click marketers tend to “settle in” to a pure PPC marketing effort. This is a serious mistake, not only because they’re neglecting the opportunity for a LOT of extra volume (65% of searchers never click the PPC ads) and dollar cost averaging … but because PPC and SEO are slowly but surely merging as the Adwords Quality Score spider becomes more and more sophisticated.

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